Athletic Association


Athletic Director
Matt Hazel

Stephanie Massaro
Asst. Athletic Director
Albert Snyder IV

Vice President
Jon Nanz

Natalie Podkul

Members at Large:

Michelle Fellin, Pat Reilly, Chris Sibett, Marc Yester, and Joe Villella

Athletic Fees:

Each student-athlete must pay a fee to offset the costs of running the program (uniforms, referees, equipment, league fees, etc.).

Families with one child in the program
  • $50.00 (1st sport)
  • $30.00 for each added sport
Families with more than one child in the program
  • First child - $50.00 (1st sport) and $30.00 for each additional sport
  • Second child - $40.00 (1st sport) and $30.00 for each additional sport
  • Third child or more - $30.00 (1st sport) and $30.00 for each additional sport
Little Dribblers, Little Peps, Little Kickers (Fall), Little Runners (Fall), Little Kickers (Spring), Little Runners (Spring)
  • $30.00 for each (These are separate fees and do not have family discounts)

The Athletic Association will not charge fees to students who take part in sports sponsored by other schools or organizations (i.e., Football). The sponsoring school or organization will manage the fees.

The Athletic Association will assess a fee of $75.00 for each athletic uniform not returned after the season.


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